Saturday, August 12, 2006

The Original Shore Town

Photo courtesy of The US National Archives.
Photographer Carl Van Vechten 1900

I will not be posting for the next few days as I am going to be down a'shore. Not to Wildwood or my newer hangout, the dull OC. I will be testing the waters in the original shore town, Atlantic City. My daughter and I have tickets to see "Hairspray" at Harrah's and somehow I tied in a few professional visits to physicians in the area, including a relationship building dinner at The Seaview Marriott. I am taking along the laptop and if insomnia strikes, you may hear from me sooner than later. Enjoy the weather-summer doesn't last forever.


Anonymous said...

Well,I was trying to think of another story and I must tell about the place we stayed in. The Branford Rooms and Apts. Lincoln Avenue.Not too far from the Shamrock Bar.It was a Large Italian family who owned it and my Dad knew the owners .He worked constuction with Angelo,who our Dad called:"Fundsarelow" because he always complained about money There was always kids running around.They had to work in the rooming house and when they were older all held jobs on the boardwalk.The person I looked up to the most was Helen the Mom. She was Large but soft Stern but loving. She actually saved my life or my honor I should say. I used the place with my friends in the summer and stayed in the little bungalow in the back of the main house. Helen warned me that I should stay out of the place in back of our cottage which was on the next street,Garfield Ave since there were older College guys who were quite wild. I of course didn't listen and eventually went over there and talked with the guys and was almost raped. I manage to get loose and was running out and lo and behold there was my Helen standing by the fence arms out and literally lifted me over the fence. She never said a word.She just took me into her kitchen and .gave me a cup of tea and we talked. Years later I went through a horrible divorce and Mom and I and my little son drove down the shore and stayed with Helen. I was in such a bad way then and Helen scooped me up and brought me into her kitchen and fed me her wonderful pasta and talked to me very sweet but also very firm about how I had to go on and live my life and that I had to turn that corner but that behind the corner something good was waiting for me. She seemed as if she knew it! And of course it was just as she said. I married again and have been for 22 years happily ever after! Helen is no longer with us. She was the security guard on Lincoln Avenue. Sometime in the 80's there was a robbery and Helen chased after the crook only to have suffered a fatal heart attack. I still miss her but will always remember the life lessons she taught me.

The Middle Sister said...

Danielle - could you think of a more sappy story. What happen to fun memories? Just kidding. Helen was really cool. I am not sure who she cooked for but there was always something to eat.

The Middle Sister said...

I think I liked it better when we worked or went on vacation. Going on vacation with all this equipment isn't fun. Either we are there on not.