Friday, September 08, 2006

Sunset of Summer

The pace of summer is replaced with quickening fall footsteps and beach umbrellas are stored away in the dark corners of the basement for another year. It is my least favorite season, we are further from summer than at any other time on the calendar. I am not moved by the beautiful colors of a Pennsylvania autumn or the smoky scent of wood, burning in the fireplace. I am melancholic for the sounds of life and living-the sounds of summer. It's not as though I haven't tried to enjoy the seasons. I've gone on hayrides and trekked through pumpkin patches, played in piles of fallen (dead) leaves. I have skied in the winter, got cozy in front of the fire and baked enough to fill the block with the sweet scent of cookies. It is like dating a really great guy after being jilted by the love of your life. Something is always missing. This year I am filling the months with extra classes at Widener University. I may not post as often as I did over the summer months although I am hoping to post at least monthly until late winter. By then I will notice that the days are getting infinitesimally longer and the tune of Wildwood Days starts playing in my head. And we'll be closer to spring than we were in September.