Saturday, May 26, 2007

Friday, May 25, 2007

Where I Really Want to Be.....

As we "kick off the holiday weekend" according to Action News, "vacationers head to the shore." Not me. I am cleaning the house in preparation for a graduation party, I am putting the last of the annuals in the garden and at some point I may be dropping by a friend's barbeque. No beach in sight. I was feeling sort of melancholy while I watched all the people eating cholesterol laden fries on the boardwalk, soaking up cancerous UV rays on the beach. I was actually wallowing in self pity. Suddenly my daughter walked into the room and switched off the television. "I can't take it," she sighed. "I will be schlepping plants in and out greenhouses all weekend, sweating in the hot sun. I can't watch." This happens to us every year. We swear we are going to spend our vacation dollars on something better than a rental house and a sunburn in New Jersey. We did Germany, Italy, France, Toronto, Niagara Falls, Nova Scotia, Key West. We've camped in lush woods next to pristine streams. We've hiked in Alps, swam in the Mediterranean and fished in the Great Lakes. So, why is it that all we really yearn for is New Jersey?